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Introducing the X1

Total Flexibility. Total Control.

Experience a game-changing shift as the X1 disrupts legacy solutions with new cutting-edge features and unparalleled flexibility to power the future of battery performance.


Monitor & Protector IC

Up to 16-Series Li-Battery Cell Packs

Introducing our advanced battery management system monitor and protector IC, the X1. This powerful chip seamlessly integrates essential functions like measurement, protection, and cell balancing for rechargeable lithium-based battery packs ranging up to 16-series cells. With autonomous voltage, current, and temperature monitoring, the X1 series offers robust protection features. Plus, it allows your host microcontroller to access these measurements for custom protection and control, including cell balancing commands.

Technical Overview
X1 Pinout Schematic


Seamless Integration

The X1 seamlessly integrates measurement, protection, and cell balancing functions, forming the heart of an advanced rechargeable lithium-based battery management system.

Smart Autonomous Protection

Highly accurate voltage, current, and temperature measurements feed the X1's autonomous hardware-based protection functions, ensuring the safety and longevity of your battery system.

Enhanced Control Flexibility

Harness the power of the X1's measurements through a host microcontroller, enabling implementation of even more advanced protection and control strategies.

Efficient Power Management

The X1 takes charge by directly driving high-side charge and discharge control FETs using its integrated charge pump, optimizing power management for superior efficiency.

Flexible Communication

Seamlessly communicate with the X1 through I2C or SPI serial protocols, customizable to your preference using simple pin bias options. Enjoy enhanced digital status and control - with an available ALRT pin and other digital I/O control options.

Total FET Control

Exercise complete control over optional pre-discharge and pre-charge FETs, providing a complete architecture to manage battery system current during initial charge and discharge events.

Advanced Safety Measures

The X1 offers a chemical fuse-based pack disabling feature, coupled with the ability to work in tandem with a secondary protection IC as a backup.

Versatile Packaging Options

The X1 comes in an industry standard 7X7mm 64-pin TQFP plastic package, with the option to explore other available pin configurations.

Product Applications


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Handheld Power Tools

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Home Energy Storage

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Algorithm Development Platform

A groundbreaking platform that redefines battery management. Our cutting-edge software is going to change the game, enhancing battery lifespan, performance and safety like never before. Stay tuned for the electrifying launch!

X1 Development Board

But Wait. There’s More.

Meet X0

The ultimate single-cell protector chip for Li-ion battery packs:
  • Controls low-side FETs for precise charge and discharge control.
  • High-accuracy current monitoring down to 1 mΩ with external sense resistor.
  • Comprehensive protection from voltage fluctuations, over-current, and more.
  • Customizable with Xceltronics factory trim and metal options.
  • Compact 6-pin SON/SSON package, ideal for space-saving designs.
  • Reliable operation from -40°C to 85°C.
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